About spoilers


I sincerely hope that these spoilers aren’t true but unfortunately the speculations are reaching a level where they can’t be ignored. 

I urge Fox or the Glee writers to be upfront about a potential romance between Dave Karofsky and Blaine because the ramifications of such a relationship go far beyond any disappointment or anger about the breaking up of Klaine. It is truly in the interest of their viewers’ health and safety to be very clear about this particular plot. 

Many of Glee’s viewers identify with the character of Kurt because of their own traumatic experiences of bullying, harassment and abuse. Some of these viewers have moved on but others are still sadly living that particular nightmare. While Kurt and Karofsky might have reached some sort of understanding, my experience with children and adults who are or were being bullied is that the face of your tormentor can still haunt you, months and years after the traumatic events. 

For many of Kurt’s fans Karofsky has come to personify the fear they are faced with every day, and as such he triggers their own memories of horrific experiences. Just because his character has accepted himself and acknowledged that his behaviour was wrong, does not mean his actions are automatically forgiven, and they are most definitely not forgotten.

Blaine has for the most part represented happiness and most of all SAFETY for Kurt. He was introduced as Kurt’s defender and his continuous support and role as protector and safe haven stood in sharp contrast to the fear and unpredictability that Karofsky brought.

Even a persistent rumour that Blaine and Karofsky might actually be involved in a romance would be enough to trigger severe anxiety in anyone who has ever found hope in Kurt’s character. To even contemplate that Blaine, who knows what Karofsky did to Kurt IN DETAIL, would accept and decide to overlook the emotional abuse inflicted on a person he has loved so deeply for such a long time, is nothing short of traumatic.

Again - I’m aware that these are rumours, perhaps they are even a stunt to get people talking about Glee, but in that case I implore the people responsible to reconsider your tactics. Feel free to cynically exploit the passion of Klainers if you feel that it brings the kind of publicity and attention you seek, but do NOT toy with people who might have a very real and very valid reason to feel traumatised by the idea of the fiancé and former bully of their favourite character entering into a relationship. 

I wish I was joking and exaggerating but I cannot emphasise enough how serious I am about this: 

Fox and Glee need to be CLEAR and HONEST about this particular issue because of the real and severe consequences a plot of this kind might have.



i was doing some glee reverse gifs for fun

and this


looks like Blaine got back from work late


and doesn’t want to wake kurt up


so he cuddles him softly 


because he can’t sleep any other way

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