11 years of McFLY

↳ Favorite Photoshoots

"I want to do glee. I’m really happy when I perform."

Darren has seemed so happy lately and it’s just really really nice to see <3


PerezHilton: Backstage baes! With my cherished #ingridmichaelson and equally beloved @darrencriss!

July 30, 2014  New York

“Oh, God. Where do I begin? Maybe my biggest flaw is always trying to correct my flaws. Maybe that’s my biggest one. Any of my co-stars will tell you that I am the biggest klutz in the entire world. I’m constantly dropping my phone, or … or … or … forgetting sentences … clearly … exhibit A.” — Chris Colfer [What is your biggest flaw?]  (via stopandimaginelove)






*Not the full song* (It’s missing about a minute or so at the end) but here’s Darren and Ingrid singing Over You